Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My name is Sean and I'm addicted to information.

Lunch hour. A time to clear your head of the mindless tasks of the morning, communicate with friends and colleagues, and start planning your evening. Speaking of communicating with friends, I have been all morning. I'm the only one in my group of friends with out a dreaded "crackberry". They fire off emails, facebook requests, retorts, jokes, thoughts, etc all day long from anywhere in the city they happen to be at that moment. I however still text message (which one of my friends hounds me about because "emails are free dude!") and have to get to a laptop to view and reply.

Am I outdated? Am I falling behind in the technology world? Worst yet, am I falling behind in the social world? *GASP*

Probably yes and no. As with all new technology, if you don't adopt it, you won't be part of the "in" group for whatever part of life it affects. However, not all new tech toys are good. Blackberries being the perfect example. I can count at least 5 couples I know that are having problems because of blackberry related items such as work never stopping at night, working on vacation, work interrupting important occasions, and general internet addictions. After watching all this one might give pause to the idea of introducing such a useful but personally destructive device into life. Me? Well I'm willing to chance it. I fancy myself a connected person and I HATE not knowing something. I spend several hours a week on the computer researching anything my mind might have set its sights on during the day. My friends who have lived here for their entire lives call me for directions or to see what is going on around town for the weekend. I constantly feel the need to read more and more. Right now, at least 2-3 magazines cover to cover a month, 2 newspapers a day, a local business journal weekly, and 2 daily national news websites.

My name is Sean and I am addicted to information. I think there is a Blackberry in my near future.

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